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Learn Russian Fast

Exactly How To Learn Russian Fast - No Memorization

Learn Russian FastWant to learn Russian fast? Watch this video that demonstrates a technique I stumbled accross that has made learning new words in Russian incredibly simple. And what's great is, once you've learned the new words, you will recall them easily. Plus, when you're speaking in Russian, you won't have to translate back and forth in your mind from Russian to English. And no, this isn't some short term trick or gimmick. It's simply a new method that takes advantage of the fact that your brain is actually designed to learn languages. I'm psyched to share this with you because it's taken my own Russian to a totally new level, really fast. So if you are just getting started with a Russian language course, or are learning Russian for the sake of a relationship you may be in, whatever the reason, this will be a real eye-opener!

Quick Russian Phrases

Here are some quick Russian phrases everyone should know. Write these down, and stick with my transcription of the sounds. Capitalized letters indicate where the emphasis needs to be. You *will* be understood by Russian people if you recite these clearly, and as written....


Learn to Read Russian Fast

There is a way to learn to read Russian in a very short period of time. Not being able to do it in months or days, but in hours. Far faster than you probably thought possible. But we have to be clear, here, exact what we mean by reading though: Do we mean, to sound out the Cyrillic letters in a word and pronounce them out loud so that a Russian speaker understands us?

Or do we mean, look at the printed Russian word and understand its meaning, even if we'd have trouble pronouncing it? Those are different skills. Both are easily attainable, but the first requires audio supplement. Since this arti...

How to Learn and Remember Russian Words Fast

There's a few tricks out there to acquire a large Russian vocabulary in a short period of time. The first trick is the one most memory experts recommend: Using mnemonics. Mnemonics are memory devices, usually verbal. For example, who in science class wasn't taught about ROY G. BIV (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet) as a way to remember the order of the colors of the rainbow? Mnemonic devices are a proven method for remembering otherwise obscure and hard-to-recall facts. And when used properly in studying Russian, mnemonics can help you build a massive vocabulary very quickly. Here ar...


Easily Remember Russian Vocabulary

One trick to learning Russian vocabulary fast is from learning in context. Important to this technique is having the meaning be crystal clear, and completely unambiguous. The best thing about contextual learning is that it's organic and requires no effort...

except in the preparation of the phrase itself, which has to be done with great care.) You brain is designed to learn language this's how you learned, in fact, every English word you know.

Of course, hearing it in context once is great. Hearing it a hundred times will really drill it in. And you'll be learning and feeling the word o...