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Video Lesson: The Biggest Rookie Mistake to Avoid When Learning Russian

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The Russian Language Course that got me conversational fast. Simply put: Awesome!

Contextual Learning Approach - For Long Term Memory Retention.

Core Vocabulary Efficiency - Quickly Makes You Conversational On A Variety Of Topics

Pattern Recognition - To Naturally Acquire And Comprehend The Complexities Of Russian Grammar

S.L.T. - Exponentially Increases Ability To Express Your Own Thoughts In Russian

Learn to Read Russian in Days - Enables You To Read REAL Russian Signs And Information Quickly

Multiple Native Speakers - For Tonal Variation Input And Native Accent Understanding

Coaching And Support To Ensure Your Success

Step-By-Step Instruction - Quickly Progress From Complete Beginner To Conversational

Language learning shortcuts that shave YEARS off the process

100% Risk-Free

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