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Interested in learning Russian, but still in the beginning stages? If that's the case, definitely check-out Mark Thomson's new podcast called 'Russian Made Easy.' Even though an audio-only format isn't the best way to learn a language, Mark still manages to utilize the essential core speed learning techniques for learning Russian. This means you, the listener, learn Russian much faster and with a fraction of the stress you'll have with methods that don't use these techniques (more on those later). If you don't know Mark, he's pretty much the go to guy for Russian language instruction. If you've been through any of his courses for learning Russian, you already know that (and hey... I'm a big fan). So, if you have been looking for a learn Russian podcast, I can't recommend this enough.


What's great is that the podcast focuses on informal Russian speech. Yes, it's important to know how to speak formally, and he covers that in depth in his Russian Accelerator course. But in this podcast, Mark focuses more on talking with your Russian friends. And of course, he uses his powerful modern methods of teaching. For example, he always lets you figure out the meaning of words from context. Which is without a doubt the most effective way to learn new Russian words. They really stick that way. And even though it's an audio format, he still manages to pull-off teaching grammar through pattern recognition which removes the pain that is Russian grammar. In a nutshell, this means working with the patterns of the word endings. (For those who aren't familiar with Russian grammar, the ends of words change depending on how they're being used.) And he really makes you master everything by timing his review perfectly, and drilling everything in with a construction-based approach.

In short, the Russian Made Easy podcast is all business, and another home run from the Russian Accelerator team (Russian Accelerator is Mark's wildly popular online course for learning Russian). Anyway, I can't recommend his new podcast highly enough, and best of's free! Go check out Russian Made Easy on i-tunes.