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One trick to learning Russian vocabulary fast is from learning in context. Important to this technique is having the meaning be crystal clear, and completely unambiguous. The best thing about contextual learning is that it's organic and requires no effort...

except in the preparation of the phrase itself, which has to be done with great care.) You brain is designed to learn language this's how you learned, in fact, every English word you know.

Of course, hearing it in context once is great. Hearing it a hundred times will really drill it in. And you'll be learning and feeling the word on a far deeper meaning, much closer to how native speakers grasp the word. Think about it. What if suddenly, by some bizarre new law, we were forced to suddenly call RUGS "covyours".

You'd wipe your feet on that little covyour on the front step, so you don't track dirt in the house. You'd go the World of Covyours store at the mall, and consider buying a covyour with some really elaborate design, made by hand. And so on. If everyone called rugs "covyours", you'd soon know this word every bit as well as Russians do.

To remember Russian words and phrases fast, use mnemonic devices and contextual learning, and you'll build a huge vocabulary in a flash.

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