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It's amazing the difference a few months can make. I've seen students who knew nothing of Russian -- not one word -- and in a few months with a good, well-rounded course, literally their lives were changed. "Changed?" you ask. "By learning Russian?"


Foreign languages are keys which open new doors of opportunity. And even just a little Russian is enough to blow those doors wide open. Once you've crossed the threshold, you'll find out what all those who've gone before you have discovered: Russia is awash with opportunities.

Jobs are the first and most obvious payoff. Still in the grips of one of the worst economic downturns in our nation's history, job-seekers need to search everywhere for a worthwhile position. That search often takes them overseas, where native speakers of English often have their pick of the litter when it comes to jobs, depending on their underlying specialty. Americans with even just a few months of Russian under their belts have managed to land cushy teaching jobs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, example....even if they have no experience whatsoever in teaching. Others make use of their primary skills and re-market themselves in Russia: Engineers, programmers, architects and even pilot have all found lucrative spots in Moscow's bustling oil-fueled economy.

For other beginning students of Russian, opportunity comes in the form of self-discovery. I've known people who've traveled throughout the F.S.U. (Former Soviet Union) and came back as changed people, with a worldwide point of view and broadened horizon. Seeing how the other half lives puts your own life into greater perspective. still other students have made long-lasting relationships with Russian people. People have found their long-lost relatives. Photographers have found models, musicians have found bandmates....

...And men, of course, have found wives. Yes the abysmal success rate of American men seeking Russian brides -- as low as 2-3% most years -- speaks to the impassibility of the language barrier between our cultures. It's certainly no coincidence that the small percent of men who succeed in finding a Russian mate inevitably are the ones who bothered to learn a little Russian beforehand. As is the point of this article: Learning a little Russian can bring a lifetime's worth of happiness.

Regardless of what you're looking for, being able to speak Russian can change your life in amazing ways. So find an effective course and make the commitment.

Opportunity awaits.

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